Film school

Films and cartoons will be filmed in Ternopil. In the Film School, Ternopil children have the opportunity to master the first basics of cinema. They are teached by the best acs from all over Ukraine. At the moment, they plan to open the Cinema Workshops, so Ternopilians will be able to try themselves both as actors and screenwriters of multi-screen films. Although the film industry in our country is presented not so much as in other countries of the world, we are gradually developing in this direction. And now Ternopil can boast about its achievements in film production. On October 21, the creative Kinoschool started its work in the city. Young students actively get knowledge, try themselves as movie heroes and dream of big feature films. In addition, the Nominee Committee voiced winners among the authors of the Public Budget projects. And one of the big initiatives that won thanks to the votes of the Ternopil people is the creation of the Cinema Workshop. Thus, in the city they are going to make high-quality film products – to shoot multi-genre films, promos, cartoons, clips, social advertising, etc.