The “Viknyny” Lakes are the hydrological monument of nature of local importance in Ukraine. It is located on the territory of the Husiatyn district of Ternopil region, on the north-western part  of the village Vikno.
Area – 0.02 ha.
Two small karst lakes of natural origin are the guard.

Dzhurynskyi or the Chervonohorodskyi waterfall is located on the Dzhuryn river in Nyrkiv village, Zalishchyky Raion, Ternopil Oblast of western Ukraine Waterfall is 16 metres (52 ft) high and 20 metres (66 ft) wide .

This is the most powerful waterfall in Ukraine. Dzhurynskyi Canyon, which is home Dzhurynskyi Fall, is a local natural landmark.

Ternopil Lake (Ukrainian: Тернопільський став, known as Komsomol Lake before 1992, non-official Ternopil Lake) is a large artificial pond, a reservoir set in the center of Ternopil created in the place of swamps on the river Seret.