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  • assistance to producers of film, TV, advertising product at all stages of the shooting process;
  • location scouting;
  • location marketing;
  • creating conditions for location research by screenwriters; establishing links between filmmakers and local professionals.

Terebovlia Castle – is a fortified defense stronghold 32 kilometers far from Ternopil. Surrounded by dense park, that was laid at the end XIX century. The park is so dense, that is very hard to see castle through it.

Chortkiv Castle is a fortification building in the town of Chortkiv in Ternopil region. It was the residence of famous Polish family – Golski and magnates Potocki. It’s a part of the Castles of Ternopil Region National Reserve. The plan is shaped as a pentagon. It is located on the territory of Vuhnanka  area, not on the hill, but under the Mt. Vuhnanka, on the left bank of Seret River.

Zbarazh Castle is a fortified defense stronghold in Zbarazh, in Ternopil region. It dominates the crests of the Zamkova Hills next to the city’s central plaza that was not in so distant past surrounded by marshland. This fortification demonstrated most advanced achievements of European marshal fortpost defense craft that included an escarped bulwarks, four bastions, and a moat encircling the building perimeter.

Chervonohorod Castle is a defensive building near the disappeared former city of Chervonogorod. In the first half of the XIX century it was rebuilt to the palace. The ruins are located in the Chervonyi tract, near the village of Nyrkiv  in Zalishchyky  district of Ternopil region. It is situated on a steep hill in the middle of a deep basin of the Dzhurin River, that formed almost an enclosed loop at this place.

The Mykulyntsi Castle is a stone castle, that is located in the village of Mykulyntsi, in Ternopil region, 23 km far from Ternopil. The castle has the form of a square with 75-metres length walls 2-metres thick defensive walls. There are 3 towers on the 3 corners of the castle, which had loopholes for cannons. From the western side, where the defensive walls were additionally protected by a deep moat, the castle had an entrance gate with a hoist-bridge. Another entry into the castle is on the eastern side. There were residential house which had cellars and underground walks inside the fortress.

Yazlovets castle is an old castle and palace complex in the former town (now village) of Yazlovets, Buchach Raion, Ternopil oblast, Ukraine. It was built from the 14th century to the 17th century by the House of Buczacki, House of Koniecpolski and House of Poniatowski. In the 14th century it was considered one of the best in Ukraine.

The Ternopil Castle (Ukrainian: Тернопільський замок, Polish: Zamek w Tarnopolu) is a stronghold which gave birth to the city of Ternopil. It was built in the 16th century to protect the southern border of the Kingdom of Poland and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Pidzamochok castle is an old castle, dating near 1600, located in Pidzamochok, Buchach Raion, Ternopil oblast, Ukraine. Founder – Jan Zbożny (Tworowski-Buczacki).

It was built by the Tworowski-Buchacki family. It was rebuilt by the Potocki-Movile family in 16-17th century in the Renaissance style. It was a defensive structure, and saw combat several times. It fell in disrepair following its destruction by the Ottomans in the late 17th century. During the 19th century, while in the Austrian partition (following the partitions of Poland) it was partially demolished to reclaim building material. Now it is a tourist attraction the castle ruins are open to visitors.